How to avail credit cards?

You can request a credit card at your bank at any branch. For some credit cards, you will certainly need to meet some specific requirements to be eligible, while some will be available immediately.

Of course, you first need to fill out a credit card request and then wait for the credit card to be approved, including the credit card shipment to your home address. When your credit card arrives, all you need to do is confirm and start using it.

Having a credit card has its advantages and disadvantages. This is the type of payment they receive at all stores. When you do not have cash with you then you can pay with the card, it also allows you to pay in installments and delay payment. However, on the other hand, a credit card takes away a little more money each month for interest and annual membership fees.

Credit card debt can be quickly done, and it is quite difficult to repay later because credit always comes for something good for us, so what we paid right back and spend. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, including credit cards. In any case, they really come in handy sometimes, and it’s up to you to ask for it or not.

Cards as your favorite payment method


Any bank customer can request their own credit card. There are also some requirements to be fulfilled in order to be able to apply for a card at all. Employment is very important, which also entails regular benefits at least six months back.

Some banks also ask that you be a customer of their bank for a certain period of time, which gives you the advantage of getting a credit card. Of course, for all other information and more information you can get at your bank branch.

Card payment is indeed one of the most popular payments. Cash is also paid but card usage is becoming more common. It allows for the deferral of payment and payment in installments.

We can also pay by credit card online and anywhere in the world. If we lack cash for something or do not have it with us then we can pay with a card, and credit cards are received at all points of sale today.

Credit card payments

Credit card payments

We can pay in a variety of ways, cash, current account, or credit card. When we are unable to suffer cash because we do not currently have it or do not want to spend it then we use a credit card. With it, we can pay in installments, but also defer payment. If you do not have a credit card, you can apply for it at any of your bank’s branches.

Paying with a credit card is very easy. When you receive it, you also receive a PIN with which you can withdraw cash from an ATM and check your account balance. The bank gives you a spending limit on the card, which may increase after a while.

Each month, you receive a credit card statement stating how much you have spent and how much you need to pay that month. Usually, 5 or 10% of the total amount spent is paid, but it depends on which card you have.

Terms for an American Card

You are a bank customer and you are paid regularly, then you are also entitled to some credit cards. You can request the cards at your bank, and if you meet certain requirements, then you will be granted approval for the specific card requested.

Credit cards are available to almost everyone today, and it always comes in handy when you have no cash, when you want to buy something in installments, or want to defer payment until next month because you need cash so you don’t want to spend it. An American card should also be requested, and you must be eligible for it.

You can request it online at their website or at a bank branch. For an American card, you must receive a regular salary of at least six months, you must be of legal age and have Croatian citizenship.

If you are looking for a business American card then you will need to submit BON2 / SOL2 documents, and the company has to do well for the last six months.

A copy of the artisan will also be required. Private clients will also need a copy of their ID card. Approval of the American Card is waiting for about two weeks.

Your request may also be denied on the grounds that the American card company will not give you reasons for this, as it is the policy of the house that this is a very strictly kept secret. Your information is scored and the claim is rejected or accepted.

What is a Prepaid Card

What is a Prepaid Card

Today, it is almost impossible not to have a single card. When a current account is opened at a bank, a current account card is immediately received.

There are also credit cards and giro account cards. Each of these cards is used for cash withdrawals and payment when we do not have cash with us. We can request all the cards at the bank where we have an account, including the Prepaid card.

Prepaid card is also used for payments, but with it, payment is even safer. It is for even more secure online shopping and is great for teenagers and college students.

A pre-determined amount of money is deposited on your Prepaid Card. The spending limit is exactly that amount. This card is great if you do not like to carry cash with you. You spend as much as you have, and you can pay the amount yourself or someone else.

It can be used in all stores where they receive cards and is very secure for online purchases. In order to get a Prepaid card, it is necessary to submit a request for a Prepaid card to the bank and provide personal information. This card can be obtained by anyone because it does not have any ability checks.

What is a Debit Card


A debit card allows current account holders to pay and withdraw cash wherever they are. All transactions made with a debit card will affect the balance of your current account.

With it, you can pay but also withdraw money at ATMs, and this money is directly and immediately withdrawn from your current account, unlike a credit card, where you receive an account every month that you have to settle.

Quite a few people are opting for a debit card because it is easier to pay with a card than to carry cash with you. In some stores, you may also ask to pay more and get that difference back in money, saving you time at an ATM or a bank. You do not pay interest on this card as you would with a credit card.

In addition to your debit card, you also have a PIN number that you use when paying and withdrawing cash from ATMs. If you exceed the limit on your debit card bank account, you will pay certain fees. You can request all the information you want to know about debit cards at your bank’s branches.

How to use an ATM


You’ve found a job and are now waiting for your first paycheck. In order to receive your first salary, you need to open a current account with a particular bank. When you open an account, you also receive a current account card and a PIN number with which you pay with the card and withdraw money from an ATM.

Maybe this is all a stranger to you now, but it’s a very simple matter. An ATM is a device where you can withdraw a certain amount of money from your account at any time of the day and night.

Using an ATM is not so complicated, it is very easy. You will see a slot marked on the ATM where you push your card, it will say Insert your card above the slot, then the message Enter your PIN will appear on the screen. You will enter your PIN using the ATM keypad and press Enter. Then you sign in to your account.

You can withdraw cash or check your account balance. If you want to withdraw the money you will select the Cash Disbursement option. When you are presented with the amounts on the screen, you will choose which amount you want and move on. You also have the option to enter a different amount, perhaps higher than the ones offered, so you will choose the Second Amount option.

Once you have selected the amount you want to pay, you will wait for the payment, and you will be asked if you would like to confirm your payment slip with Yes or No. When the money is paid to you, take it along with your receipt, if you have it with your card.

At an ATM, you can only claim your account balance. In this case, you will not go to the cash payment, you will only choose the Account Balance option. You will choose either Show Account Balance or Print Balance Sheet. After each transaction, remember to take your cash and card.

ATM daily limit


An ATM is a device through which we are paid money from a current account, and it is possible to make money through an ATM. ATMs can be used by anyone who has a checking account at any bank, and each bank has its own ATMs. Cash withdrawal can be done at any time of the day and night and can be accessed on the account balance.

Each bank has its own ATMs, which are set up in different places so that customers can choose where to withdraw their money without having to go to the bank.

ATMs are always available so it is possible to withdraw money at any time. There are various amounts that can be raised, but each ATM has its own daily payout limit.

Most banks offer cash withdrawals at ATMs of up to USD 5,000 on a daily basis. There may be more if specifically approved by the bank to a specific account.

Care should be taken to raise money at an ATM of a bank where a customer has an account because the withdrawal of money at ATMs of other banks is subject to commission and the amount depends on the amount of the payment.

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