The most effective method to Manage the Top Sites Feature in Safari

The Top Sites highlight in Safari shows thumbnail pictures of the sites you visit frequently. As opposed to type in a URL, or select a bookmark from the Bookmarks menu or the Bookmarks bar, you can simply tap on one of the thumbnails to rapidly visit a site.

The Top Sites highlight was first presented with the arrival of OS X Lion and Safari 5.x and was proposed as a conceivable substitution for bookmarks as the significant method to explore to those sites you saw frequently.

Since the underlying consideration of Top Sites in Safari, it has experienced a couple of changes and updates, bringing about certain highlights requiring somewhat unique strategies to get to them as time went on.

The Top Sites highlight consequently monitors how regularly you visit sites and shows the ones you visit most, yet you’re not stayed with the outcomes. It’s anything but difficult to include, erase, and deal with your Top Sites.

Access and Edit Top Sites

1 To access Top Sites, click the matrix symbol close to one side of the Bookmarks bar, or snap the History menu or Bookmarks menu (contingent upon the rendition of Safari you’re utilizing) and select Show Top Sites. On the off chance that a site has refreshed the substance of the page since the last time you visited it, you’ll see a star symbol in the upper right corner of the site’s thumbnail (Safari 5 and 6 as it were).

2 To alter your Top Sites, click the Edit catch at the base left corner of the Top Sites page (Safari 5 or 6). For later forms of Safari, you can drift your cursor over the Top Sites thumbnails to uncover symbols that let you erase a page, or stick it to its present area, keeping the stuck site from moving around on the Top Sites page.

3 You can rework thumbnails by basically hauling them to another area on the Top Sites page.

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When you’re done making changes to Top Sites, click the Done catch in the lower left corner of the Top Sites page (Safari 5 or 6).

Change the Thumbnail Size

There are three choices for the span of the thumbnails in Top Sites, and two different ways to roll out the improvements, contingent upon the form of Safari you’re utilizing.

In Safari 5 or 6, utilize the Edit catch in the base left corner of the Top Sites page. You would then be able to choose from little, medium, or substantial thumbnails; the default measure is medium. The span of the thumbnails decides what number of destinations will fit on a page (6, 12, or 24). To change the measure of the thumbnails, click the Small, Medium, or Large catch in the lower right corner of the Top Sites page.

Later forms moved the thumbnail estimate/number of locales per page to Safari inclinations.

1 Select Preferences from the Safari menu.

2 Click the General tab.

3 Use the drop-down menu alongside the thing named Top Sites appears: and select 6, 12, or 24 destinations.

Add a Page to Top Sites

To add a page to Top Sites, open another program window (click the File menu and select New Window). At the point when the objective site loads, snap and drag its favicon (the little symbol to one side of the URL in the Address bar) to the Top Sites page.

You can likewise add a page to Top Sites by hauling a connection from a website page, an email message, or another record to the Top Sites page. (Note: You should be in Edit mode in Safari 5 or 6 to add pages to the Top Sites.)

Erase a Page From Top Sites

To forever erase a page from Top Sites, click the nearby symbol (the little “x”) in the upper left corner of the page’s thumbnail.

Stick a Page in Top Sites

To stick a page in Top Sites, with the goal that it can’t be supplanted by another page, click the pushpin symbol in the upper left corner of the page’s thumbnail. The symbol will change from high contrast to blue-and-white. To unfasten a page, click the pushpin symbol; the symbol will change from blue-and-white back to highly contrasting.

Improve Pages in Top Sites

To improve the request of the pages in Top Sites, click the thumbnail for a page and drag it to its objective area.

Reload Your Top Sites

Losing your Internet association, notwithstanding for a brief timeframe, can cause a minor glitch in the Top Sites include, yet it’s anything but difficult to fix by basically reloading Top Sites. Discover how in our tip: Reload Safari Top Sites

Top Sites and the Bookmarks Bar

The Top Sites symbol is definitely not a lasting inhabitant of the Bookmarks bar. In the event that you need to add the Top Sites symbol to or erase it from, the Bookmarks bar, click the Safari menu and select Preferences. In the Safari Preferences window, click the Bookmarks symbol, and after that check or uncheck “Incorporate Top Sites.” regardless you’ll have the capacity to get to your Top Sites by means of the History menu.

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