Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture

Shading is a significant piece of any plan, yet in the event that you settle on an ineffectively educated decision in hues, your structure can say something else than you expect it to. Best case scenario, it will miss its imprint; best case scenario, it can irritate.

How hues are seen depends a ton on an individual’s way of life. The graph beneath can help give you a superior feeling of how the hues you pick are seen by watchers in different societies. Note that, now and again, a given shading is likewise connected with another “thing.” For instance, a “white bird” in western societies symbolizes harmony. Similarly, a shading mix makes the affiliation, for example, red and green symbolizing Christmas in the West. This data is noted beneath.

  • Color Cultures and Meanings
  • Red
  1. Australian Aboriginals: Land, Earth
  2. Celtic: Death, existence in the wake of death
  3. China: Good karma, festivity, bringing
  4. Cherokees: Success, triumph, the East
  5. Hebrew: Sacrifice, sin
  6. India: Purity
  7. South Africa: Mourning
  8. Russia: Bolsheviks and Communism
  9. Eastern: Worn by ladies; joy and thriving
  10. Western: Excitement, risk, love, energy, stop, Christmas (with green), Valentine’s Day
  11. Crystal gazing: Gemini
  12. Feng Shui: Yang, fire, good karma, cash, regard, acknowledgment, essentialness
  13. Brain research: Stimulates mind wave action, expands pulse, builds circulatory strain
  14. Roses: Love, regard; with yellow, jollity, jauntiness
  15. Recolored glass (Dante): Divine love, the Holy Spirit, bravery, generosity, affliction and must visit  activate office 365   to information.


  • Pink
  1. Korea: Trust
  2. Eastern: Marriage
  3. Western: Love, babies, (particularly female), Valentine’s Day
  4. Feng Shui: Yin, love
  5. Brain research: Used as craving suppressant and muscle
  6. relaxant; calming
  7. Roses: Gratitude and thankfulness (profound pink) or reverence and compassion (light pink)


  • Orange
  1. Ireland: Religious (Protestants)
  2. Netherlands: House of Orange
  3. Western: with dark, Halloween; inventiveness, harvest time
  4. Crystal gazing: Sagittarius
  5. Feng Shui: Yang, Earth, discussion, reason, association
  6. Brain research: Energy, craving stimulant
  7. Roses: Enthusiasm, want


  • Gold
  1. Eastern: Wealth, quality
  2. Western: Wealth
  3. Crystal gazing: Leo
  4. Feng Shui: Yang, metal, God awareness
  5. Recolored glass (Dante): The sun, the decency of God, treasure in paradise, profound accomplishment, the great life


  • Yellow
  1. Apache: East, where the sun rises
  2. Cherokee: Trouble, conflict
  3. China: Nourishing, sovereignty
  4. Egypt: Mourning
  5. India: Merchants
  6. Japan: Courage
  7. Navajo: Doko’oosliid — abalone shell mountain
  8. Eastern: Proof against shrewdness, for the dead, consecrated, supreme
  9. Western: Hope, perils, quitter, shortcoming, taxis
  10. Crystal gazing: Taurus
  11. Feng Shui: Yang, Earth, promising, sunbeams, warmth, movement
  12. Brain research: Energizes, diminishes discouragement, improves memory, animates craving
  13. Roses: Sociability, companionship, satisfaction, happiness; with yellow, joy, good humor
  14. Recolored glass (Dante): The sun, the decency of God, treasure in paradise, profound accomplishment, the great life


  • Green
  1. Apache: South
  2. China: Exorcism; green caps infer a man’s better half is undermining him
  3. India: Islam
  4. Ireland: Patriotism, Catholicism
  5. Islam: Perfect confidence
  6. Japan: Life
  7. Eastern: Eternity, family, wellbeing, flourishing, harmony
  8. Western: Spring, new birth, go, cash, Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas (with red)
  9. Crystal gazing: Cancer (splendid green)
  10. Feng Shui: Yin, wood, developing vitality, sustaining, adjusting, recuperating, wellbeing, quieting
  11. Brain research: Soothing, unwinding rationally and physically; assists with dejection, uneasiness, and apprehension
  12. Recolored glass (Dante): Hope, joy, joy, springtime, youth, amiableness, and fun; triumph over numbness


  • Blue
  1. Cherokees: Defeat, inconvenience, the North
  2. China: Immortality
  3. Iran: Heaven, otherworldliness, grieving
  4. Navajo: Tsoodzil (turquoise mountain)
  5. Eastern: Wealth, self-development
  6. Western: Depression, bitterness, moderate, corporate, “something blue” wedding convention
  7. Crystal gazing: Capricorn and Aquarius (dim blue)
  8. Feng Shui: Yin, water, quiet, love, recuperating, unwinding, harmony, trust, experience, investigation
  9. Brain science: Calming; brings down circulatory strain, diminishes breath
    Recolored glass (Dante): Wisdom of God, light of paradise, reflection, suffering dependability, and endlessness.


  • Powder/Baby Blue
  1. Western: babies, particularly guys
  2. Crystal gazing: Virgo


  • Purple
  1. Thailand: Mourning, widows
  2. Eastern: Wealth
  3. Western: Royalty
  4. Crystal gazing: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces
  5. Feng Shui: Yin, profound mindfulness, physical and mental mending
  6. Recolored glass (Dante): Justice, eminence, enduring, riddle; With white, modesty and virtue


  • Violet
  1. Crystal gazing: Virgo, Libra
  2. Brain science: Suppresses hunger; tranquil condition, useful for headaches


  • White
  1. Apache: North—wellspring of snow
  2. Cherokee: Peace, satisfaction, the South
  3. China: Death, grieving
  4. India: Unhappiness
  5. Japan: White carnation symbolizes passing
  6. Navajo: Tsisnaasjini’— sunrise, white shell mountain
  7. Eastern: Funerals, supportive individuals, kids, marriage, grieving, harmony, travel
  8. Western: Brides, blessed messengers, heroes, emergency clinics, specialists, harmony (white pigeon)
  9. Crystal gazing: Aries, Pisces
  10. Feng Shui: Yang, metal, passing, grieving, spirits, apparitions, balance, certainty
  11. Roses: Reverence, modesty
  12. Recolored glass (Dante): Serenity, harmony, virtue, euphoria, confidence, blamelessness


  • Black
  1. Apache: West, where the sun sets
  2. Australian Aboriginals: Color of the general population
  3. Cherokee: Problems, passing, the West
  4. China: young men
  5. Navajo: Dibé Nitsaa—obsidian mountain
  6. Thailand: Bad karma, despondency, abhorrent
  7. Eastern: Career, detestable, learning, grieving, repentance
  8. Western: Funerals, passing, Halloween (with orange), miscreants, insubordination
  9. Feng Shui: Yin, water, cash, pay, profession achievement, passionate assurance, control, security, wounds, detestable
  10. Brain science: self-assurance, quality, control


  • Gray
  1. Eastern: Helpers, travel
  2. Western: Boring, dull, plain, tragic
  3. Feng Shui: Yin, metal, dead, dull, inconclusive


  • Silver

Western: Stylish, cash
Feng Shui: Yin, metal, trust, sentiment


  • Brown
  1. Australian Aboriginals: The land
  2. Cherokee: Good
  3. Western: Wholesome, hearty, reliable, unflinching, wellbeing
  4. Crystal gazing: Capricorn, Scorpio
  5. Feng Shui: Yang, Earth, industry, groundedness

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